Promotional hot & cold ice packs from The Gelpack Store Yelp make a great promotional gift to bring more patients into your practice.  Accidents and injuries are often unavoidable in life and whether someone is in need of a cold compress to reduce swelling or a hot pack to relieve a strained muscle, these gel packs are a needed item in every home!

Reusable gel packs will be greatly appreciated by all of your patients and when they share them with others, promotional ice packs become a continuous marketing tool for your practice.  Not only are these therapy gel packs extremely affordable, you can also customize each pack with your logo and business information so that anyone that uses them are reminded of your services. 

They are also available in just about any shape, size or color.  If you are interested in finding out how affordable and useful promotional ice packs can help your practice, contact The Gelpack Store Facebook Page for the latest deals!  

There are 3 main sizes that The Gelpack Store carries;

1. The 3×3″ Branded Ice Packs

The 3×3″s are mainly meant for treatment of botox injections on the face.  Due to their small size and weight they will only stay cold for about 15-20 minutes.  Perfect for post procedure treatment of small injections or facial procedures. 

2. The 3×5″ Personalized Gel Packs

The 3×5″s are ideal for treatment after oral surgeries and laser hair removal.  They have more gel and stay cold for 25-30 minutes.  Hundreds of oral surgeons across North America use the 3×5″ to treat their patients after tooth extractions and help reduce swelling.  This one is also the most popular for handing out at events. 

3. The 4″ Round Custom Ice Packs

The 4″ round is the most popular size used for small facial procedures, tattoo removal, and also oral surgeries.  This one has a soft fabric backing so it’s comfortable against the face.  There are no corners making it soft and nice to use against sensitive skin.  

The Gelpack Store also has other sizes you can order that aren’t listed on the website. If you visit their website and give them a call they will tell you all about the different sizes and shapes they can do for you.